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The Regulative Principle of Worship

Derek Thomas, Josh Walker and Nick Batzig discuss the regulative principle of worship.


The Importance of the Original Languages

Miles Van Pelt explains the importance of the original languages for Biblical study.

Reformed Media Review

Galileo Against the Church & Nichols on Luther

We discuss several new and forthcoming books and comment on two audio clips. The first comes from the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA and touches on Galileo’s relationship to … Read more→


The Rule of Love

John Fesko discusses his introductory exposition of the Ten Commandments.


God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament

Richard C. Gamble discusses volume one of his systematic theology.

Westminster Shorter Catechism Lessons

Trinity OPC in Franklin, PA has provided a complete set of lessons from the Westminster Shorter Catechism.  These lessons are helpful resources for catechetical instruction in the home and at … Read more→

Top Episodes from 2008

We dug out some of our “greatest hits” from the archives.  These are the top episodes published in 2008.

A Brief History of Trinitarian Thought with Carl Trueman
Van Til’s Trinitarian Theology … Read more→

Archibald Alexander on Catechizing

The word “catechizing” seems to elicit a multitude of reactions ranging from scorn to confusion. Whether someone envisages a family whose definition of fun is sitting around quizzing one another … Read more→

Implementing Family Worship

In his article Implementing Family Worship Joel Beeke offers a veritable soup-to-nuts approach to family worship.  He offers several suggestions
to help you establish God-honoring Family Worship in your homes. We … Read more→


Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas and his relation to reformed theology.