July 2009

The Importance of the Original Languages

Miles Van Pelt, Associate Professor of Old Testament and Academic Dean at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS speaks about the importance of the original languages for biblical study.  Miles has helped produce several popular books and resources for original language study including Basics of Biblical Hebrew and Vocabulary Guide to Biblical Hebrew.   Dr....
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God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament

Christ the Center is pleased to welcome Dr. Richard C. Gamble to talk about volume one of his systematic theology.  Many people have looked forward to The Whole Counsel of God v.1: God’s Mighty Acts in the Old Testament and the panel had the pleasure of discussing the influences and aims of this great book.  Dr....
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Thomas Aquinas

Christ the Center discusses some aspects of the life and thought of Medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas.  Specifically Thomas’ doctrine of God and the nature/grace distinction come in for consideration.  Especially useful is the discussion of the nature of Scholasticism and what value there is in reading Thomas.  At the end of the day,...
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