Camden Bucey

Camden graduated from Bradley University and then worked at Caterpillar, Inc. in Peoria, IL for several years before moving to Philadelphia to attend Westminster Theological Seminary. He earned an MDiv and a PhD in Historical and Theological Studies (concentrating in Systematic Theology) from Westminster. In April 2013, Camden was ordained and installed as the pastor of Hope Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Grayslake, IL. He is married to Erica, and they have three sons. You can follow Camden on Twitter at @camdenbucey.

Jeff Waddington

Jeff came to faith in Christ in 1983 having been raised in a Christian home. When he came to faith in Christ, he also sensed a call to ministry and in his context, that involved service as a minister in a Wesleyan-Arminian denomination. Jeff served as a pastor for eight years from 1986 to 1994 and after that time became Reformed. Shortly thereafter Jeff was exposed to the writings of Cornelius Van Til and saw his apologetic method as the natural outgrowth of Reformed theology. In 1997 Jeff and his family moved to Philadelphia, PA so that he could commence his MDiv studies at Westminster Theological Seminary. Jeff graduated from that program in 2000 and then began the PhD program in apologetics/historical and theological studies with which he is still involved.

Jeff’s interests are legion, but he is especially interested in epistemology, systematics, biblical and historical theology. Jeff’s special area of focus is the philosophical theology of Jonathan Edwards. In addition to his academic pursuits Jeff served as an intern in the Presbyterian Church in America before moving over to the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Jeff serves as stated supply at Knox Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Lansdown, PA as well as Communications Director for The Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals. Jeff has been married since 1990 and has two wonderful daughters. You can follow Jeff on Twitter at @RevJW.

Jim Cassidy

Jim was installed in July of 2014 as a church planter at South Austin Presbyterian Church. The mission of the new church is to establish a faithful Presbyterian church in South Austin with an emphasis on Christ-centered preaching and distinctly Reformed worship.

Jim was raised in a Roman Catholic home in Edison, NJ. He was later led to the Lord by a friend in his sophomore year of college. He has since then come to understand the wonderful Doctrines of Grace by God’s kindness. His wife was raised in Madison, NJ and was led to the Lord through the ministry of Grace OPC in Westfield, NJ. She is a busy and active mother who is involved in the teaching ministry of the church as well as various events in our community. He believes that the doctrines of the Reformation are the clearest expression of biblical truth and provide answers for a world lost in sin and suffering. He is committed to proclaiming Christ and him crucified from all the Scriptures. Jim earned an MDiv at Westminster Theological Seminary as well as the PhD in Historical and Theological Studies, concentrating in Systematic Theology. You can follow Jim on Twitter at @jjcassidy.

Lane Tipton

Lane holds the Charles Krahe Chair of Systematic Theology and is associate professor of systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. He also serves as the pastor of Trinity Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Easton, Pennsylvania. Lane earned an MDiv from Westminster Seminary California and a PhD from Westminster Theological Seminary where he wrote a dissertation on Cornelius Van Til’s Trinitarian theology. His academic interests are many, including hermeneutics, soteriology, Christology, covenant theology, Trinitarian theology, modern theology, ​and the integration of biblical and systematic theology. Lane is married and has four children.

Jared Oliphint

Jared has been working for Westminster Theological Seminary since 2008. Raised in Texas, he moved to Glenside, PA in 1991 so his dad could work for Westminster. While attending Gordon College from 1998–2002, he was involved in a theology discussion group on campus and, coupled with a voracious appetite for Van Til, it lit his fire for apologetics and he was off to attend Westminster in 2002. After graduating with an MAR in 2005, he worked in the life insurance business for three years, then put his WTS degree to use in 2008 by serving in the Admissions role and currently as Regional Coordinator living in Charlotte, NC. He and his wife, Jenny, have two daughters. You can follow Jared on Twitter at @jaredoliphint.

Nick Batzig

Nicholas T. Batzig has recently accepted a call to be a church planter, with the Savannah River Presbytery (PCA), in order to plant a church in Richmond Hill, Ga. Richmond Hill is a small community just outside Savannah, Ga. Prior to this call Nick served as an intern at Tenth Presbyterian Church, in Philadelphia. After his internship he ministered as the interim pastor of Christ the King (PCA) in Conshohocken, Pa. Nick graduated from Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. He is married to his beautiful wife, Anna, and has three wonderful boys. You can follow Nick on Twitter at @nick_batzig.

Mark Winder

Mark and Michele WinderFor the past decade Mark has served as a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, and currently serves as pastor of Wolf River Presbyterian Church in Collierville, Tennessee (just east of Memphis), and chairman of the home missions committee of the Presbytery of the South of the OPC. He is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi. Mark’s background – his journey to the Reformed Faith – includes time in independent Baptist churches, where he served as an evangelist, and the Reformed Episcopal Church. Mark and his wife Michele have been married for 24 years, and have three children aged teen to adult. Before entering the pastorate, Mark worked in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a regional Communications, Help, and Training Coordinator for an international food service company, and then as a business administrator for one of his suppliers. His hobbies include playing ice hockey, reading biographies, and finding things to fix.

Matt Cotta

Matthew Cotta came to know the Lord in his early twenties through a minister in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Shortly thereafter he attended and earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from Covenant College in Lookout Mountain Georgia. There, under the guidance of Dr. William Dennison, Matthew was more deeply grounded in the Reformed faith, Biblical Theology and Redemptive-Historical preaching. It was there that he also met and married Lois Gutierrez, the daughter of longtime PCA missionaries in Peru.

Upon graduation Matthew attended and would earn his Masters of Divinity from Westminster Seminary in California. By the grace of God, Dr. Meredith Kline was still teaching there in those days, as was Dr. Robert Strimple and Jim Dennison. Needless to say, it was a very profitable period of study in Matt’s life. In 2003 Matthew took a call at Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Hanover Park, Il. Matthew and his wife, Lois, have four young children, Rachel, Lilia, Luke, and Katherine.

Robert Tarullo

Robert (Bob) Tarullo, came to Reformed and Presbyterian convictions at Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA, where he met his wife, Sarah, studied literature, theology, and Biblical languages. During college, he joined Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Sewickley, PA, under the ministry of Charles G. Dennison. After graduation, he attended Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Pittsburgh, PA. He has written an essay on Geneva College and the OPC.

Bob served as a pastor in Connecticut for 8 years; in August 2012, Bob began his ministry at Westminster Presbyterian Church (OPC), Indian Head Park, IL. Bob and Sarah have 3 children: Nathaniel, Cairistiona, and Katerina. In addition to his pastoral ministry, Bob enjoys cycling, walks with his wife, good movies, good food, good beverages, a game of Settlers of Catan, building Legos with his son, and silly dancing with his daughters. You can follow Bob on Twitter @robert_tarullo.