The Theology of B.B. Warfield

Fred Zaspel is the author of the soon to be released volume on the theology of B.B. Warfield, published by Crossway titled The Theology of B.B. Warfield: A Systematic Summary. He has also authored a recent timely article in Themelios on Warfield’s take on evolution. We discuss the background of his interest in Warfield, the great Princeton theologian’s take on evolution, and what we can learn from him today.

From Crossway:

Fred G. Zaspel has spent many years studying Warfield’s published and unpublished writing, and presents here a concise and coherent systematic theology per B. B. Warfield. For the first time ever, readers can, in one volume, access the content of this great theologian’s academic, sermonic, and devotional works. Scholars, pastors, and students will profit from the unique combination of comprehensive detail and devotional warmth in this systematic theology.

Fred Zaspel is also the author of a series of booklets published by the Interdisciplinary Biblical Research Institute (IBRI), entitled, The Continuing Relevance of Divine Law (1991); The Theology of Fulfillment (1994); Jews, Gentiles, & the Goal of Redemptive History (1996). Along with Tom Wells, Pastor Fred has co-authored a major work entitled New Covenant Theology.

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