The Church in the Old Testament

Jonathan Brack explains a Reformed ecclesiology which spans Old and New Testaments. He touches upon covenant theology, polity, and other foundational issues as he speaks about important books on ecclesiology.


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    1. Y.C.

      Some say there are churches before that, and there is always one invisible church, but all we know is it’s the Only Perfect Church.

    1. Yep. That is correct. We read plenty of Bannerman, Bavinck, and Calvin and even some Rutherford, but it wasn’t until a Th.M. class that I was pointed to Aaron’s Rod.

      I truly believe that had Gillespie lived longer, he would be more popular than Owen. Looking forward to meeting him in the future!

      I am slowly coming to the same convictions on Robinson’s discourses on Redemption… This should be a 101 course requirement!

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