The Atonement

Gabe Fluhrer on the lasting importance of Christ’s act of penal substitutionary atonement. Gabe has recently edited Atonement, a collection of writings and sermons from J.I. Packer, Sinclair Ferguson, and several others on this critical doctrine.

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Christ the Center – The Atonement « Pilgrimage to Geneva

9 years ago

[…] The Atonement […]

Jim Cassidy

9 years ago

Just a quick point of clarification about McCormack. While his read of Barth does, in the final analysis, vindicates Van Til’s read of Barth, McCormack has not said as much. His vindication of Van Til is done unwittingly. McCormack is no fan of Van Til, nor of Van Til’s read of Barth.

In fact, today its a matter of course to scoff at Van Til, even if one has not actually read or understood Van Til’s critique. Its almost to the point of being: “everyone knows that Van Til blew it on Barth.” That kind of claim is unfortunate, but its universal.

Camden Bucey

9 years ago

Thanks for that clarification. At this stage, I think it’s a “win” if somebody outside conservative reformed circles has heard of Van Til!

"lee n. field"

9 years ago

Listening now.

What is the current consensus on propitiation vs. expiation? Did Roger Nicole in fact soundly refute Dodd’s position? I note that the New Revised Standard Version goes with “sacrifice of atonement” at Romans 3:25,

The Atonement – A Christ the Center Broadcast « Exercised to Discern

9 years ago

[…] it HERE. It’s available to download on the […]


9 years ago

Glad to hear Gabe say that trusting in Christ’s definite atonement is essential to being Christian! [from 23.44] Unfortunate there wasn’t elaboration on that radical truth.

The Atonement « Faith by Hearing

9 years ago

[…] The Atonement >>> […]



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