The Bible, History, and Literary Genre

While the Bible is not a history book in the sense that it’s also not a science book or a theology book, it certainly is historical. But what does that mean for biblical interpretation? In this episode we dive into chapter one of V. Philips Long’s The Art of Biblical History, which is titled, “History and the Genre(s) of the Bible: Is the Bible a History Book?” This is a fascinating conversation with deep implications for how we understanding God’s Word to us in servant form.

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Jeff Waddington

5 years ago

I should note that included in the due use of ordinary means is preaching and teaching that occurs in the corporate worship of the church. Of course private and family worship ought also to help in this vein. But one of the hallmarks of Reformed ecclesiology is the stress on the primacy of public worship. Daniel pointed this out and I only wanted to note that I did what I often do and that is to overlook the obvious.


5 years ago

Thanks guys for this very helpful episode–I’m teaching through Ferguson’s “From the Mouth of God” at our church, and tomorrow is on reading narrative, poetry and wisdom genres (modes?) in Scripture. The episode is very timely for me, and once again I thank our good Savior for your efforts.


5 years ago

Hey guys, I wanted to say that today’s program was an absolute God-send. I really really needed some more elaborate thought as I’m working through OT issues. Not that I have all my answers because of this podcast, but this was uniquely helpful in thinking through issues. Ironically, me and a few friends have been going through V. Phillips Long’s book as well. But your conversation brought the book to life alittle more. Please keep tackling issues and working out your hermenutic with fear and trembling!



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