The Attestation of Scripture

Today we speak about John Murray’s “The Attestation of Scripture,” a chapter in The Infallible Word. Scripture attests to its own character and authority. Being God’s Word and our ultimate authority, it could be no other way. Murray writes,

The doctrine of Scripture must be based upon the witness of Scripture just as any other doctrine in the whole realm of Christian confession.

The objective witness is that Scripture is authoritative by reason of the character it possesses as the infallible Word of God and this divine quality belongs to Scripture because it is the product of God’s creative breath through the mode of plenary inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

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John-Anthony Martinez

1 year ago

Looking forward to hearing this brothers.

Scott Autry

1 year ago

Reading this book right now for seminary. Great book so far!


1 year ago


1 year ago

“The Protestant Doctrine of Scripture,” by Van Til as well.


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