Herman Bavinck’s Trinitarian Theology and Organic Apologetic

Dan Ragusa speaks about Herman Bavinck’s Trinitarian theology and its implications for a revelational epistemology and worldview. Bavinck argues for an organic connection between general and special revelation, which results in a “triniformity” in both.


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Michael Head

2 years ago

Good episode! I’d love to hear an episode where you guys interact with a work like The Father’s Spirit of Sonship by Thomas Weinandy.

Michael Head

2 years ago

While I’m leaving suggestions, it’d be great to hear a discussion of Calvin’s doctrine of the Trinity in Institutes 1.13. Having led two groups through this section, I still struggle with his describing the Father as “the beginning and the source” (1.13.20), “the fountainhead and beginning of deity” (1.13.23), and “the beginning of deity, not in the bestowing of essence…but by reason of order” (1.13.26); all while affirming the aseity of the Son and writing, “it is a detestable invention that essence is proper to the Father alone, as if he were the deifier of the Son” (1.13.24). I’d love to hear you guys work through this in a discussion!


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