Genesis 11 — City of Man, City of God

In this episode we discuss the gathering in Genesis 11 to build a city and tower for the name of man. This chapter provides many themes that will be explored throughout the rest of Scripture as the historical enmity develops between the city of man and the city of God.

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Thadd Kuehnl

4 years ago

This was theme that I ran through my year-long Revelation class as we examined Pre, Post and A-millennial views. Having tightened up my hermeneutics on the apocalyptical Scripture has really emphasized the aforementioned theme. I’m not sure if I missed it your recording, but did mention the contemporary Tower of the EU Parliament building? Something to ponder as we move one day closer to our Blessed Hope. Link below:

P.S. It’s rumored that that they leave seat 666 empty of the 800 or so members.


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