A Christian Introduction to the Religions of the World (Signed copy)

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Vos, Johannes G. Used paperback copy in good condition. Inscribed by the author, “J. G. Vos.” Call number written on spine. Unmarked, clean text. Slight foxing to top closed edge pages. Rear cover sunned. Binding firm.

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This series of lessons is intended to deal, from a distinctly Christian point of view, with the origin, nature and development of religion, the Christian missionary approach to people of non-Christian faiths, and the principal features of some of the great non-Christian religions of the world. It will be endeavored to bring out the difference between the “modern” views of religion and the Biblical view. The description of some of the non-Christian faiths is intended to eanble to the student to havea better understanding of the problems and difficulties faced by the Christian missionary enterprise throughout the world. An intelligent interest in missions requires some understanding of the non-Christian religious systems of the world, from which the church seeks to win converts. – Johannes G. Vos, from the Preface.

Table of Contents

  1. Religion as a Fact of Human Life
  2. The Origin of Religion
  3. The Origin of Religion According to the Bible
  4. Religion after Man’s Fall into Sin
  5. The Good Elements in False Religion
  6. The Christian Approach toward Adherents of the Non-Christian Faiths
  7. Hinduism, the Major Religion of India
  8. Buddhism, the Quest for Escape from Misery
  9. Confucianism, China’s Form of Faith in Man
  10. Shinto, the Deification of Japan
  11. Islam, Militant Monotheism from Arabia
  12. Judaism, the Old Testament without Atoning Blood.
  13. Religion or Christianity?

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Vos, Johannes G.






Baker Book House, 1974




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