In the Beginning: Foundations of Creation Theology


Bavinck, Herman. Used paperback copy in fair condition. Pen or pencil maginalia and or underlining on approx. 30 pages.  Corners slightly bumped. Good except for faint stain to bottom closed pages.

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Recent discussions of creation have centered on the skirmishes between creationists and evolutionists. However, as the editor of this volume points out, there is much more to the Christian doctrine of creation than scientific battles about origins and the age of the earth.

To Herman Bavinck, the doctrine of creation, affirming the distinction between the Creator and his creature, is the starting point of true religion. Though Bavinck’s In the Beginning contains relevant treatments of frequently addressed topics, such as evolution, Darwinism, and the age of humanity, it also broadens the theological discussion of creation by exploring other elements of this essential doctrine, including angels and the spiritual world, the image of God in humans, the destiny of creation and humanity, and Gods providential care over creation.

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Bavinck, Herman






Baker (1999)




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