My God is Yahweh: Elijah and Ahab in an Age of Apostasy


Van’t Veer, M. B. Used hardcover in very good condition. Completely unmarked. Minor wear to exterior including bump to bottom edge, some scuffs and slight bumping to corners. Binding firm. Dust jacket missing.

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B. Van’t Veer lived a comparatively brief but active life as a scholar, pastor and church leader. He held several pastorates in the Reformed Church of the Netherlands and authored a number of important publications in Dutch, including a dissertation on catechism instruction in relation to the writings of John Calvin.

Van’t Veer’s greatest work is My God is Yahweh: Elijah and Ahab in an Age of Apostasy. At first glance the book seems to deal only with a short period in Israel’s history, but the issues it raises concerned the Israelites from the days of Solomon until the time of the exile. Elijah epitomized obedience to the law of Yahweh, Israel’s covenant God; Ahab was an example of a nation’s rebellion against the covenant of grace, a rebellion that issues in the apostasy of idol worship.

My God is Yahweh is a book for our times. The God we worship today is not only a “New Testament God” but also the God of Elijah. It was Elijah who preached the covenant of grace and prepared the way for the coming of Christ as the fulfillment of Old Testament promises. Our God is truly Yahweh, for He sent His only Son into the world so that we might live.

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Van't Veer, M. B.




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Paidaea Press (1980)




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