My Idea of God: A Symposium of Faith (With contribution by J. Gresham Machen) (First edition, 1926)

Newton, Joseph Fort (ed.). First edition. Hardcover in very good condition. A few pages have straight pencil lines in margins to mark off sections. Minor bumps to corners.


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“What is God? What do we mean when we use the word? . . .

If our religious leaders cannot help us in this high matter, to whom can we go? It may be said that if men want God they will find Him, now as always, without the aid of short stones or easy essays; and that those who do not care—that is, do not care enough to seek—will not find Him. No doubt it is true, but surely those who give their lives to the search can help busy men and women in thinking about the Reality which gives worth and meaning to life. Such is the spirit and purpose of the symposium here arranged, to which men of all schools of spiritual thought contribute, each in his own tongue and from his own thought and faith. it is an extraordinary series of papers, in which Jew and Gentile, Catholic and Protestant, Modernist and Fundamentalist, Christian Scientist, Quaker, Ethical Culturalist, Humanist, Empiricist, and Mystic tell us, frankly and intimately, not why they believe in God, but in what terms they think of God, Who is both the mystery and the meaning of life.” —Joseph Fort Newton, from the Preface.

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Joseph Fort Newton




Very Good


Little, Brown & Co. (1926)




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