Selected Shorter Writings (Volume 2)


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Many of Benjamin B. Warfield’s shorter and more popular-level writings failed to make it into either the 5-volume or the 10-volume set of his works. Selected Shorter Writings brings together 100 of these articles.

Many selections in this collections are less weighty and more practical than those in the larger sets. Volume 2 contains sermons, book reviews, introductions to books, articles published in encyclopedias or theological journals, and a small book, The Right of Systematic Theology. 

The articles often teach us something about Dr. Warfield as a man. They generally deal in a simpler and more popular way with subjects that concern us in our daily walk as Christians.

Table of Contents

Part I

1. The Century’s Progress in Biblical Knowledge

2. Introductory Note to John H. Kerr’s Introduction to the Study of the Books of the New Testament

3. Some Characteristics of the Book of Acts

4. The Canonicity of Second Peter

5. The Book of Revelation

Part II

6. Introduction to Francis R. Beattie’s Apologetics

7. A Review of Herman Bavinck’s De Zekerheid des Geloofs

8. Christian Evidences: How Affected by Recent Criticisms

9. Darwin’s Arguments Against Christianity and Against Religion

10. St. Paul’s Use of the Argument from Experience

11. Dream

12. The Question of Miracles

Part III

13. Theology a Science

14. Christianity the Truth

15. The Right of Systematic Theology

16. The Indispensableness of Systematic Theology to the Preacher

17. Recent Reconstructions of Theology

18. A Review of James Denney’s Studies in Theology

19. A Review of John Miley’s Systematic Theology

20. Regeneration

21. Sanctification

22. How Shall We Baptize?

23. The Posture of the Recipients at the Lord’s Supper

24. The Confession of Faith as Revised in 1903

25. Calvinism

26. The Ritschlian School

Part IV

27. Incarnate Truth

28. Spiritual Culture in the Theological Seminary

29. Some Perils of Missionary Life

30. Africa and the Beginnings of Christian Latin Literature

Part V

31. The Authority and Inspiration of the Scriptures

32. The Divine and Human in the Bible

33. The New Testament Use of the Septuagint, and Inspiration

34. The Westminster Doctrine of Holy Scriptures

35. The Westminster Doctrine of Inspiration

36. The Inerrancy of the Original Autographs

37. The Westminster Confession and the Original Autographs

38. The Rights of Criticism and of the Church

39. A Review of Three Books on Inspiration

40. Inspiration

Part VI

41. Why Four Gospels?

42. The Gospel of John

43. John’s Gospel of Eternal Life

44. The Apocalypse

45. Doubt

46. The Significance of the Westminster Standards as a Creed

47. The Dogmatic Spirit

48. Authority, Intellect, Heart

49. Heresy and Concession

50. Evading the Supernatural

51. Abraham the Father of the Faithful

52. Jesus the Measure of Men

53. Introduction to Samuel G. Craig’s Jesus As He Was and Is

54. The Importunate Widow and the Alleged Failure of Faith

55. The Spirit of God in the Old Testament

56. The Love of the Holy Ghost

57. Inability and the Demand of Faith

58. Under Orders

59. A Calm View of the FreedmenÆs Case

60. Drawing the Color Line

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