The Auburn Betrayal (Tracts for Today No. 4) (First edition, 1941)

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Thompson, Murray Forst. Used staple-bound booklet in good condition. Underlining and or marginalia on 20 pages. Minor shelf wear. Corners slightly bumped.

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A history of the infamous Auburn Affirmation of 1924 with critical commentary. Includes three Appendixes: 1) The Text of the Auburn Affirmation (with list of signers); 2) Figures indicating the number of Auburn Affirmationists holding positions in 1934 and 1941; 3) Note Supplementary to the Affirmation appearing on its second issuance.

About the Author

“A charter member of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church with his wife, Elizabeth, Mr. Thompson helped form Calvary OPC, Germantown (now Glenside). A close friend of J. Gresham Machen, Mr. Thompson was a founding member of the Independent Board of Presbyterian Foreign Missions in 1934, and one of the original incorporators of the Presbyterian Guardian in 1935. In 1936, he became a trustee of Westminster Seminary and served in that capacity until 1977.

During the legal battle regarding the name of the church, Mr. Thompson represented the then Presbyterian Church of America in the Court of Common Appeals in Philadelphia. Mr. Thompson also co-authored with Cornelius Van Til the minority report recommending that the “Committee on Nine” not be continued. Thompson and Van Til argued that the creation of a “super committee” would concentrate power in the OPC in a manner that would be bureaucratic and unpresbyterian. They wrote, “All of us are prone at times to be concerned about the lack of visible results from our labors. But, thanks be to the almighty God, we have His promise to be with us ‘even unto the end of the world’ as we carry out His great commission. If we continue steadfastly to plant and to water, we can trust God to give the increase.” The Ninth General Assembly agreed with the minority report and discontinued the Committee of Nine.” – Today in OPC History

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Thompson, Murray Forst


Staple bound)




Committee on Christian Education, the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 1941