The Bible and the Life of the Hereafter


Hendriksen, William. Used hardcover in very good condition. Completely unmarked. Minor shelf wear. Corner of half title page torn.

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The life hereafter is a subject of universal and timeless interest. This is as it should be. Man is created for eternity. This present life, however significant, is only the beginning of a never ending life of weal or woe.

The Bible has much to say on the latter days and the life hereafter. Much of this is for our warning and admonition. However, even more is to help us to live a God-honoring life on earth in joyful anticipation of a God-glorifying life of bliss in heaven. Those who fail to study what the Bible says about the future life miss much of comfort and joy.

There is widespread difference of opinion on the life hereafter. This is in the main due to two reasons. Sinful man is reluctant to face the facts presented by Scripture. Man is inclined to reason and speculate beyond the data furnished in God’s Word. The author of this book seeks to remain true to Scripture throughout.

This book is for anyone desirous of knowing God’s plan for man’s life. It is constructed in such a way that it can as readily be used for group study and discussion as for personal reference. It is a major contribution to the literature on the future life. — from the Preface.

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Hendriksen, William




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Baker Book House (1977)




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