The Defense of the Faith (Third Edition, Revised 1967)

Van Til, Cornelius. Used paperback copy in good condition. Completely unmarked. Two significant creases to front cover. Minor shelf wear.


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In this book, Van Til seeks to discover the most biblical and effective way to present Christ to unsaved people. Along the way, Van Til contrasts his position with that of Roman Catholicism and the neo-orthodoxy of Karl Barth and his followers.

As Cornelius Van Til prepared syllabi for his classes on Christian Apologetics, ‘outsiders’ took interest in them for classroom teaching, and others subjected them to critical analysis. In The Defense of the Faith Van Til sought to service both types of readers. To the former, he sought to provide in positive fashion, what seemed to him to be the biblical method of defending the Christian Faith. To do so, he thought it necessary to make a comparison between the Romanist-Evangelical and the Reformed points of view concerning apologetics. For the latter group, those interested in ‘critical analysis,’ he deals with ‘contemporary objections’ made against his views of apologetics. Thus, though the reader is provided answers to the critics, the primary purpose is to provide ‘”a method of defending Christianity which is consistent with the nature of Christianity.” The Defense of the Faith is among his most noted writings.

“Except for minor additions and corrections, mainly in the form of footnotes, this third edition is the same as the second.” — From the Preface

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Van Til, Cornelius






Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co. (1967)




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