Thy Word is Truth (First Edition, 1957)

Young, Edward J. Used hardcover copy in acceptable condition. Acceptable only due to major rubbing to front board, otherwise good. 45 pages with minimal pencil underlining (almost always just a name); 1 page has marginalia. Corners slightly bumped. Binding firm.


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Thy Word is Truth explains the importance of the doctrine of biblical inspiration. Without it the reliability of the Bible is in serious doubt, the integrity of Jesus is put in question, and the only final authority men have in matters of faith becomes their own conscience. If we cannot trust what Scripture says about itself, how can we trust what it says about God, about man s need, or about Christ s saving power?

Furthermore, Thy Word is Truth explains why this doctrine has been so fiercely contested. It is precisely because it lies at the heart of Christianity. While it is said that only what we think of Christ really matters, Professor Young urges us to recognize that what we think of him inevitably depends on the reliability of the Bible. If it fails us, we can know nothing for certain about Christ. He has chosen to make himself known through Scripture.

To write such a book as this demands special gifts, and a rare combination of qualifications. E.J. Young possessed these to an unusual degree. He was an outstanding linguist and biblical scholar, and knew the text of the Bible intimately. He understood the doctrinal issues which are at stake. He possessed a lucid mind and pen. He was also willing to rest his own soul on the convictions to which Scripture itself drove him-even when this involved swimming against the tide of the world of scholarship in which he moved with high distinction. His blend of true scholarship with humble commitment to Christ makes this study a reliable introduction to a question which continues to haunt the church at the beginning of the 21st century.

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Young, Edward J.






Wm. B. Eerdmans (1957)




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