Questions and Answers on Union with Christ

This is the question and answer segment from this special presentation, Alive with Christ: Saving Union with Christ. This series of addresses comes from the Fall Seminar on Reformed Theology, held on November 12 and 13th 2011 at Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Ringoes, NJ. This is the fifth installment of the series addressing several questions and answers. The entire series is as follows:

  1. A Biblical Overview: Dr Richard Gaffin
  2. Regeneration: Dr Lane Tipton
  3. The Good Work Begun: Dr Richard Gaffin
  4. Sanctification: Dr Lane Tipton
  5. Questions and Answers
  6. The Gateway into Fellowship with the Triune God: Rev. Jeff Waddington (Sunday School)
  7. The Gospel: Dr Lane Tipton (Sunday morning service)
  8. Glorification: Rev. James Cassidy (Sunday evening service)

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Bill Fabian

8 years ago

Get the questions and comments audibly recorded. Frustrated. It’s Q&A 101.

Camden Bucey

8 years ago


I realize it’s frustrating, but this was a church’s conference. They didn’t have the technical means to record the questions. They had the audio and allowed us to produce and release it after the fact. We’re just happy to have something to publish. If this was a Reformed Forum event, we would have done things differently. Regardless, I decided to let everyone have access to the answers rather than nothing at all.

Frustration noted.

Jim Cassidy

8 years ago

Duly noted, Bill, I’ll take the fall on this one. We actually did have the means, we had a portable mic we could have used (with some difficulty and lack on quality), but didn’t. We will remedy that in the future. Thanks!


8 years ago

Thanks for recording and distributing the audio from this seminar for FREE! Another excellent and high quality resource for FREE! Thanks guys.


8 years ago

This material has been extremely helpful to me in gaining more clarity on this issue. Here’s a question I’d like some help with: Dr. Tipton says that he hasn’t seen a biblical case for the logical priority of justification over sanctification (or vice versa). But what about the structure of the Book of Romans? Paul treats the wrath of God, then justification, and then sanctification. It would seem that for Paul, there is at the very least a pedagogical priority of J over S. What do you think?

Mark G

8 years ago

Thank you very much guys for making this series available along with the many many good discussions you guys post on this site. I found the discussion regarding the relationship between guilt and corruption in Adam thought provoking. It reminded me of the question “When does temptation become sin, or when in the thought process that leads to sin actually become sin”?



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