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Camden Bucey and Jared Oliphint join a Google Hangout to speak about Reformed Forum, its history as well as current and future opportunities. Download the audio or watch the video recording below.

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We will occasionally post special discussions to this podcast. These are usually recordings or clips that do not fit with our other programs. Browse more episodes from this program or subscribe to the podcast feed.

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6 years ago

Thanks, guys!
I’ve been following you all since the beginning. (I don’t know if that gives me any credibility).
But, as far as feedback:
I say keep to theology and reformed christian academics. Please don’t waste time on ‘arts,culture&entertainment’ reviews! If there’s an academic study from a Reformed perspective on such things, discussing such a book would be “on mission,” but if you guys start talking about the latest rock/folk/pop/jazz/etc album… how do I say this politely?… please leave that to others. Don’t try to be “all things to all people” (even all people in the church). Reformed academicians (even the ‘armchair’ theologians) are indeed under-served. Let others do the film&music, etc commentary.
Jared, I have ideas for Philosophy for Theologians.


6 years ago

…I should add:
or literature/fiction, etc. Encourage all those reformed christian English majors to start lit forums/audio programs. No matter how fantastic the latest novel you read seems to be, there’s so much more “theology and reformed academic” stuff you all have a calling for. If you want to invite a reformed seminary educated Lit professor, like Aaron Belz, on to speak in a program, that’s cool. But please keep your stuff to the academic and to your areas of expertise, if you know what I mean.

Keith Furutani

6 years ago

I agree with Baus about leaving the “culture” discussions to others. Instead, if I could make a request, I would be interested in you adding a weekly “Unbelieveable” type podcast that was exemplary of applied Covenantal Apologetics.


6 years ago

Don’t underestimate Sacramento. I heard an Indian saying once that goes where two rivers meet you find a spiritual place. Something like that. There’s also a Reformed seminary in Sacramento. City Seminary Sacramento. Also, these locations way out West…these are where the toughest and bravest Americans ended up.

Camden Bucey

5 years ago

Do you teach at the seminary? I see there is a Rev. Michael Voytek there, among others.


6 years ago

Hi Camden & Team,

For your encouragement: I started listening, I think, pre 100th show, so quite a while. Not from the beginning though. I hadn’t got a clue what you were on about most of the time (a lot is still way above me) but slowly the fog cleared and I’m now a convinced presuppositionalist.

Also for your encouragement: I started a Book Club in our Church and the book we are reading right now is Micheal Kruger’s Canon Revisited because of your interview. I sent a link out of the program. Another book I bought – not read it read yet – Popologetics because of a review on Media Review.

I really welcome the idea of a ‘Covenantal Apologetics’ class. My only worry is that the cost will be beyond my means. I’d certainly promote it on my blog & website (lots of Church History). I could also promote it in our Church.

Robert Briggs is in Sacramento – a good friend of mine.

It would also be good to do some in depth film reviews and apply Reformed theology and apologetics to the culture.

Do listeners in the UK get a mention or am I the only one. 😉

Hope it encourages you. May the Lord continue to bless your labours in His name.

Yours In Christ,



6 years ago

Any worldwide stats available?

Would be interesting to know how many of us Brits are listening.

Camden Bucey

6 years ago

Unfortunately, I don’t have geolocation data on our audio downloads. But I do for our website traffic.

Since 2011, the UK traffic was 6.7% of the US (and 5.3% of the overall). The top cities in the UK were London, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, Glasgow, Newcastle upon Tyne, Liverpool, Cambridge, Sheffield, and Manchester.

London was the #6 city overall. For perspective, Edinburgh was #52.

Ben P

6 years ago

How about Australia, Camden? And Melbourne (me), Sydney and Brisbane?

Have enjoyed your site and ministry for several years now, often while I work.



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