Pastoral Searches and Transitions

Reformed Media Review speaks about pastoral searches and transitions from The Gospel Coalition 2011 National Conference in Chicago, IL. The conference held a panel discussion to treat the topic of pastoral searches and transitions. Ligon Duncan, Mark Dever, and Rick Thompson joined in on the panel as Chris Brauns moderated the discussion.

In addition to interacting critically with this session, Jared Oliphint and Camden Bucey speak with Greg Thornbury from BibleMesh, an online interactive course on redemptive-history. This new initiative is an exciting way of introducing people to the fullness of God’s revelation.

Follow all of Reformed Forum’s coverage from the conference by visiting our TGC2011 page.

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Benjamin P. Glaser

9 years ago

Good stuff. Enjoyed it.

Benjamin P. Glaser

9 years ago

By the way in the audio in “Session 4: Panel Discussion” Tim Keller does mention he learned to preach Christ from the OT from Ed Clowney. So while IMHO it is not enough maybe it will click in someone’s brain.

Bob McDowell

9 years ago

I wonder if your discussion would have been more fruitful if you had first read the Jan-Feb online issue of Dever’s 9Marks Journal: http://www.9marks.org/ejournal/pastoral-moves

Tim H.

9 years ago

Incidentally, I don’t think Dever would subscribe to the London Baptist Confession. If nothing else, he’s not sabbatarian.


9 years ago

He holds to the idea of the Lord’s day, not the sabbath. 90% of Presbyterians and Reformed folks arn’t sabatharians anyways πŸ˜‰

Robert Murphy

9 years ago

It was a brief, yet interesting discussion. I wish, however, that you’d had a chance to show off to our congregational friends a bit more clearly how presbyterian system of elders makes such things clearer and easier.



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