[Review] Logos Reformed Base Package

K. Scott Oliphint, Jared Oliphint, and Camden Bucey review the Logos Reformed Base Package.

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6 years ago

Just was listening regarding the citations and had two things to share:

1. You can set-up the citations such that you can copy and paste a quote into a doc and a footnote is made and the citation, in the style of your choosing, it put in the footer. Super nice.

2. Here is an article on how to export Logos to Zotero: http://blog.logos.com/2010/06/exporting_your_logos_4_library_to_zotero/

Camden Bucey

6 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I’m really impressed with the software and the Reformed base package.

Stephen MacKenzie

6 years ago

I think Nick commented that the Vos stuff is “rolling out”. Would you gents be able to confirm that the Vos packages are indeed imminent?

The reason I bring it up is that the Vos packages have been available as “pre-order” for (about) 5 years now. I suspect that pre-orders are a way of voting for content. Those packages that spark the greatest interest and revenue I would think get pushed up the priority queue for actual delivery.

A few other observations…. Logos is a resource management package capable of handling massive amounts of packages in impressive ways. Bibleworks is more specialized in the the Biblical texts. I have heard it said that Bibleworks is the program you would use if you were writing a new translation of the Bible.

Finally, Bibleworks has a more communal business model. For example, an owner of content may convert that content to the Bibleworks format and sell those modules. Bibleworks is happy to let you do that to promote the sales of the base package. Logos, conversely, will let you convert context privately for you own use only. For mass consumption, Logos will only buy the rights to your content; they then sell the context.

Think of Bibleworks as the nerdy reformed Church plodding along by ordinary means of grace, while Logos is the trendy, more aggressive broad evangelical mega-church.

Christian Locatell

6 years ago

When you buy the Reformed Platinum package, you get the first two volumes of Vos’ Reformed Dogmatics and the rest as they are finished. Right now, Dr. Gaffin is working on completing the last three volumes.


6 years ago

I purchased the Platinum package just last week and am thoroughly excited with the content you discussed. Like Dr. Oliphint, I have been hoping for many years that Logos would create something like this, and am grateful that it has finally been produced. I am glad you mentioned some of the abilities of Logos so others would see the powerful tools you have to work with in your studies.

Cris D.

6 years ago

Listened to the Logos S/W discussion with interest. I am a long-time Bibleworks user (since version 3.5), longer-time computing & programming professional, also a grad of WTS (M.Div.) from way back (call it WTS 1.5, before there was a California campus). I am an enthusiastic user of, creator of digital or digitized content, having taught myself various software packages by typing out the Heidelberg Catechsim, the Shorter Catechism etc., some of this in the days before Macs and obviously Windows (the poor Mac imitator). I have Logos, but no base packages of any kind. I’ve cherry-picked various sales ans especially the March Madness sales to get a variety of digital books, can have then on iPhone, iPad or via web without any local installation issues.

Given my tongue-in-cheek bona fides, let me raise the question: are we going to train up a generation or two of folks who can’t exegete without all of these digital tools? Or a generation who can’t recall what they have read in order to lay out a coherent composition?

Let’s discuss the best way to approaches the rich resources we have before us and consider how to use these packages. Just for starters, would we want to conclude that something not in one of the reformed packages means it isn’t reformed? Or, why should Bavinck & Vos be in a high level package rather than in the Reformed Started or Bronze package.

Let’s venture a balanced review that asks some tough questions.

With the best of intentions, as the Forum hosts and guests all know me and know…




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