The Eucharist in the Didache (Clary book)

In 1975, Hughes Oliphant Old published his dissertation entitled The Patristic Roots of Reformed Worship. Old persuasively argues that we have every reason to take Calvin and his colleagues seriously when they claim patristic support for their liturgical ideas.

The Reformers deliberately developed their approach to worship by returning, first and foremost, to the scriptures but also to the fathers of the church, whom they regarded as fallible, though generally reliable, interpreters of the bible.

Unfortunately, the Reformers did not have at their disposal one of the earliest Christian documents that describes various liturgical customs in the ancient church, namely, the Didache.

With the fortuitous rediscovery of the Didache at the end of the 19th century, we have access to a critical resource for doing precisely what the Reformers aspired to do, namely, to reform the church’s worship in light of holy scripture and the customs of the ancient church.

My dissertation entitled The Eucharist in the Didache, which you can read here, is a modest attempt at continuing the important work of reforming the church’s worship in light of patristic customs.


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John Mahaffy

4 years ago

Thank you, Glen. I don’t have time to read it right now, but downloaded and am looking forward to it.


4 years ago

You’re welcome, brother. Looking forward to seeing you at GA.

Tiribulus (Greg)

4 years ago

This sounds unbelievably interesting and profitable!

Jim Van Dam

4 years ago

Very interesting content and well written. Thank you, Glen.


4 years ago

Thanks, Jim. See you at GA Lord willing.

fr Chris Moody

2 years ago

Interesting dissertation. As a Greek orthodox priest, neither Roman nor reformed, our take on things is quite different. The subtilty of the Greek is lost on the arguments between the reformers and Rome. The byzantine rite is with few exceptions as laid down by st jn chrsostom and follows the order and theology ascribed to James the Lords brother. Χριστός ανέστη!



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