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Identifying the Seed: An Examination and Evaluation of the Differences between Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology

McKenzie, Robert M. New paperback.


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This book has one goal in mind, to try and bring greater understanding between two dedicated groups of Christians. Dispensationalists and Reformed Christians have a very different understanding of how God has worked in this world as well as how God will continue to work. There is a theological divide that has developed after many years of discussion and stems from a mixture of ignorance; misunderstanding and actual disagreement. Robert McKenzie seeks to examine what each side believes, fleshing out the differences and misunderstandings. He takes a look at the history of each system as well as their theological developments. The author seeks to be faithful to each system pointing out their strengths and weaknesses all the while citing the Scriptures that are used to support each side’s belief. It is hoped that with greater understanding the two groups will be able to engage in conversation with a clearer view of why a doctrine is believed and how the different doctrines build into the system. Whether you are a Dispensationalist, believe in Covenant theology or you aren’t quite sure if you fall in either camp this book can be tremendously helpful.

Table of Contents

Foreword ii

Acknowledgments iii

Introduction v

1 Reformed Hermeneutics 1

2 The Covenant of Redemption14

3 The Covenant of Works 24

4 The Covenant of Grace 34

5 The Abrahamic Covenant 49

6 The Mosaic Covenant 64

7 The New Covenant 71

8 The Two-Age Model 81

9 The Second Coming 95

10 The History of Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology 103

11 The Hermeneutics of Dispensationalism 118

12 The Seven Dispensations 127

13 The Tribulation Period 144

14 The Millennial Kingdom 156

Conclusion 178

Bibliography 182

Scripture Index 190

Subject and Name Index 196

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McKenzie, Robert M.




Robert M. McKenzie (2018)




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