the Image of God
2016 Theology Conference
October 7–9 · Grayslake, Illinois
Continuing the work the Reformers began in the sixteenth century
by promoting the reformation of worship according to Scripture
and the customs of the ancient church.

Genesis 10 — The Table of Nations

In this episode we discuss the canonical, biblical theological, and historical significance of the genealogy of Genesis 10. We also discuss the challenges and problems of how to preach genealogical passages. Participants: , , , Proclaiming Christ is an audio program focused upon biblical preaching....
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The Mosaic Covenant as a Republication of the Adamic Covenant

Lane Tipton speaks about the report of the Committee to Study Republication of the General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The report describes the impetus of the committee’s work: The 81st General Assembly, in response to an overture from the Presbytery of the Northwest,...
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Enjoying the New Creation

Introduction Isaiah 65:17ff is a wonderful picture of the future restoration of God’s people. It’s a passage that demonstrates the greatness of the blessings that come to God’s people from his bountiful hand. It’s an even greater picture once we consider the spiritual condition of the original recipients of this promise....
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