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Earth from Space

Worldview, Culture, and Eschatology

What is a worldview and how does it relate to the discipline of philosophy?

Inerrancy and Worldview book cover

Inerrancy and Worldview

Dr. Vern Poythress, Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Westminster Theological Seminary, speaks about his book Inerrancy and Worldview: Answering Challenges to the Bible (Crossway). In this important book, Dr. … Read more→

The Dark Faith

Writing Christian Fiction

Jeremiah W. Montgomery is the pastor of Resurrection Orthodox Presbyterian Church in State College, Pennsylvania. Rev. Montgomery joins us to speak about writing Christian fiction. Montgomery has written The Dark Faith, … Read more→

Inerrancy and Worldview

Inerrancy and Worldview: Answering Modern Challenges to the Bible

Publisher’s Description: Though the Bible presents a personal and relational God, popular modern worldviews portray an impersonal divine force in a purely material world. Readers influenced by this competing worldview hold … Read more→

Greek Intervarsity

Transform the Greek System, Transform the World?

I recently came across a promotional poster for Greek Intervarsity, a part of the well-known Intervarsity Christian Fellowship campus ministry. As a fraternity member myself, I appreciate the focus of this organization … Read more→


More Vossians and Neo-Calvinists Together?

Hart’s response to Jim Cassidy’s excellent post that addresses the consistency of Vos/Van Til/Kline has fueled some brief thoughts that I hope are helpful in clarifying some of the issues. … Read more→

Trueman - Fools Rush In

Fools Rush in Where Monkeys Fear to Tread: Taking Aim at Everyone

Publisher’s Description: A pithy collection of the best of Carl Trueman’s articles on culture and the church. This is a compelling, challenging and sometimes uproarious look at how the world and … Read more→

U.S. Supreme Court Building

The State and Religious Liberty

Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions that impact the church.


Evangelicals and the Betrayal of American Conservatism

Darryl Hart speaks about his book From Billy Graham to Sarah Palin.


Theologizing in a Connected Culture

Theology in the age of Twitter.