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2014 Theology Conference

Theological Principles from Van Til’s Common Grace and the Gospel

Dr. K. Scott Oliphint explains three key theological principles from Van Til’s Common Grace and the Gospel. Unedited and Unprocessed Recording of the Livestream

2014 Theology Conference

The Aseity of the Son

Dr. K. Scott Oliphint examines the Reformed tradition’s understanding of the Son as a se. In his assessment, much of the tradition relies upon unsatisfactory formulations offered by Thomas Aquinas. Oliphint encourages Reformed theologians to “tear away the tares of Thomism” in this first plenary address at Reformed Forum’s 2014 Theology Conference. Unedited and Unprocessed Recording of […]


[Review] Molinism: The Contemporary Debate

Jared Oliphint reviews Molinism: The Contemporary Debate, edited by Ken Perszyk. Book review mentioned: link


Chance and the Sovereignty of God

Watch more videos of Dr. Poythress discussing his book at Read an interview with Dr. Poythress. Publisher’s Discription What if all events—big and small, good and bad—are governed by more than just blind chance? What if they are governed by God? In this theologically informed and philosophically nuanced introduction to the study of probability and chance, […]

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Who Raised Up Jesus?

Camden Bucey, Jeff Waddington, and Jim Cassidy discuss John Murray’s article, “Who Raised Up Jesus?” from The Westminster Theological Journal 3.2 (May 1941): 113–123. An answer to Murray’s question requires a search of the biblical text, an analysis of Greek grammar, a discussion of the doctrine of the Trinity—in short, the use of all the resources […]

Van Til Systematic

Introduction to Systematic Theology

Publisher’s Description The theological foundations of Van Til’s defense of the faith are set forth here as the unified system of truth to which believers are committed and with which nonbelievers need to be confronted. Writes Van Til: “The Christian faith as a whole, as a unit, must be set over against the non-Christian faith […]


Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief

We welcome Dr. John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL. Dr. Frame has written a new book, Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Christian Belief (P&R Publishing). Listen as we speak about the importance of theology, the nature of theological methodology, and the foundational doctrines of the faith. Dr. […]

Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son

The Aseity of the Son

Scott Oliphint speaks about the aseity of the Son of God, following up on a review of Brannon Ellis’ book Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son. The thesis of the book, which Dr. Oliphint takes up, is that Calvin’s teaching on the Son’s aseity was a way of maintaining orthodoxy but also of […]

Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son

Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son

Dr. K. Scott Oliphint reviews Calvin, Classical Trinitarianism, and the Aseity of the Son by Brannon Ellis and published by Oxford University Press. In this excellent volume, Ellis investigates the various Reformation and post-Reformation responses to Calvin’s affirmation of the Son’s aseity (or essential self-existence). Listen as Dr. Oliphint, who wrote a more detailed review of […]

God Is Impassible and Impassioned

James Dolezal, part-time professor of Theology and Church History at Cairn University in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, reviews God Is Impassible and Impassioned: Toward a Theology of Divine Emotion by Rob Lister. The book explores the significance of God’s emotional experience and most especially the question of divine suffering.