Iguanaman? Try Insurance Salesman

geckoRodney Trotter may have his facts a little out of place on this post.  This elaborate getup was part of a Vacation Bible School lesson involving the temptation of Christ in the wilderness.  Each lesson for the week was taught by an “eyewitness” who would relay a bible story and teach the children its meaning and importance.  When you’re struggling to find an eyewitness for Christ’s temptation, you’re either left with dressing up like Jesus  – which from this author’s conviction is a violation of the 2nd and possibly 3rd commandment – or dressing up like Satan.  In the case of the latter, you’ll likely scare all the children and/or convince them that everything you’re telling them is a lie.

This particular VBS curriculum decided to introduce a gecko that witnessed the account in the desert thereby skating between two terrible alternatives.  The gecko option, however does take a toll on the ego of the church’s intern.

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