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East of Eden #18

The Peace Which Christ Gives His True Followers

In “The Peace Which Christ Gives His True Followers,” Edwards calls us to listen in on the most affectionate and affecting discourse Christ gave (Jn 14:27), in which he promised … Read more→


The Question of Canon

Dr. Michael J. Kruger speaks with Christ the Center about his recent book, The Question of Canon: Challenging the Status Quo in the New Testament Debate. The book deals not with why … Read more→

2013 Highlights

Highlights from 2013

We begin the New Year with a look at some of our best clips from 2013. Listen to the full episodes of the clips we’ve chosen to include by using … Read more→

Westminster Assembly

The Scottish Commissioners and the Westminster Assembly

It’s often argued that because of the political climate, the Scottish commissioners to the Westminster Assembly had full rein over the Westminster Assembly and the confessional documents it produced. In … Read more→


What Is Believing in Christ?

Jonathan Edwards preached “What Is Believing in Christ?” to his congregation of three hundred Native Americans in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The sermon on Mark 16:15-16 is characteristic of Edwards’ pastoral sensitivity … Read more→

East of Eden Bio (2)

The Life and Ministry of Jonathan Edwards (Part 2)

East of Eden continues a discussion of the life and ministry of Jonathan Edwards.

See here for part 1 of this discussion.

Biographies of Edwards: Jonathan Edwards: A Life, and A Short Life of … Read more→

Timothy Brindle

Communicating Reformed Theology through Hip Hop

For Christ the Center’s 300th episode, we welcome hip hop artist Timothy Brindle to speak about his work in Christian hip hop and the recent musical movement as a whole. … Read more→

East of Eden Bio (1)

The Life and Ministry of Jonathan Edwards (Part 1)

East of Eden discusses the life and ministry of Jonathan Edwards, including a survey of biographies of Jonathan Edwards.

Follow up in a couple weeks for Part 2.

Biographies of Edwards: Jonathan … Read more→


Jesus on Every Page

David Murray speaks about seeing Christ in the Old Testament based on his book Jesus on Every Page: 10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament. Dr. Murray’s … Read more→

Tiepolo-Schule, Koenig Salomo - King Solomon & Queen of Sheba / Tiepolo - Ecole Tiepolo, Roi Salomon

Seeing Jesus in Old Testament History

This week, Nancy Guthrie speaks about seeing Jesus in the historical books of the Old Testament. Her book The Son of David, third in her series Seeing Jesus in the … Read more→