What Prepared Machen to Fight?

48 minutes

Darryl G. Hart continues his course on J. Gresham Machen at Calvary Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Glenside, PA.  Hart explore several key aspects to Machen’s family and early life.



5 Responses to “What Prepared Machen to Fight?”

  1. Camden Bucey says:

    Stick with this one. The audio gets fixed at about the 10-minute point.

  2. G. Kyle Essary says:

    I’m so glad you guys are posting these. They’re very insightful.

  3. Camden Bucey says:

    Thanks – I figured it would be worthwhile to get these lectures recorded for posterity. We have the privilege of many great lessons at Calvary OPC in Glenside, PA and I’m glad I get to pass it on.

  4. Tim H. says:

    As I prepare to drop out of one graduate program to try another, I’m finding great comfort in knowing Machen struggled to find his own direction in life as a young grad student!

    Thanks again.

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