Philosophy for Theologians

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Philosophy for Theologians aims to provide a critical look at the problems of philosophy by considering everything in light of God’s revelation. Philosophy for Theologians not only wants to address philosophical questions, but also to equip you with a way to think about these questions.

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Poythress - Logic

Logic: A God-Centered Approach

Dr. Vern Poythress speaks about his new book, Logic: A God-Centered Approach to the Foundation of Western Thought. Discussion centers around the relationship between God and logic, the relationship between logical form and its content, and a Christian approach to modal concepts like possibility and necessity.

Earth from Space

Worldview, Culture, and Eschatology

What is a worldview and how does it relate to the discipline of philosophy?

Moritz Schlick

Logical Positivism

Lane G. Tipton describes a type of analytic philosophy from the late 19th and early 20th c.

Plato by Raphael

Engaging Philosophy as a Christian

Scott Oliphint to speak about how Christians should approach the subject of philosophy.


The Pastors College and the Philosophy of Hume

Nathan Sasser describes the format and goals of the Pastors College, as well as the philosophy of David Hume.

An Introduction to Universals

A discussion of philosophy pertaining especially to Bavinck and the ordering of the sciences.


The Relationship of Philosophy to Theology

Exploring the definition of philosophy and its relation to theology.

Untamed God

The Untamed God

A philosophical look at the doctrine of God.

Thomas Aquinas

Thomas’ Second Way

Bob LaRocca leads a discuss on Thomas Aquinas’ Second Way.  The Second Way is an argument for the existence of God from efficient causes.  The flow of the argument is as follows: We perceive a series of efficient causes of things in the world. Nothing exists prior to itself. Therefore nothing is the efficient cause […]


PhD Studies

PhD students Gabe Fluhrer (MDiv, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary), Carlton Wynne (MDiv RTS, Charlotte) and Nate Shannon (ThM, Westminster Theological Seminary) share what led them to PhD studies, how their seminary experience prepared them, and how their studies have impacted their ministry.

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