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Calvin and the Development of Covenant Theology

Dr. Peter Lillback, President of Westminster Theological Seminary, in Philadelphia, Pa., Senior Minister of Proclamation Presbyterian Church, in Bryn Mawr, PA, and President of the Providence Forum, talked with the panel of Christ the Center about his book The Binding of God: Calvin’s Role in the Development of Covenant Theology, published in the Texts & […]

The Reformed Media Review #2

On this week’s show, Jeff and Camden discuss The Law is Not of Faith, The Incarnation in the Gospels, and The New Media Frontier.

Apologetics and Islam

Noted apologist Dr. James White joins the panel on Christ the Center to discuss the challenges of apologizing to Muslims.  Dr. White is Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries and has authored several books on apologetics as well as having been involved in several formal debates on various issues.  Listen in on a very interesting […]

The Reformed Media Review #1

The Reformed Media Review is now your place for current discussion of reformed media online.  We’ve split our current book discussion out to its own show so we can get the latest news to you on time.  On today’s episode, we discuss several new and forthcoming books including Concise Reformed Dogmatics and Christless Christianity and […]


Getting the Blues

Dr. Stephen Nichols, research professor of Christianity and culture at Lancaster Bible College, joins the Christ the Center panel for an interesting discussion about his new book, Getting the Blues.  Nichols discusses his interest in blues music and shows how the blues touch upon biblical themes.  This is an utterly fascinating discussion, even for those […]

December John Owen Giveaway

Feeding on Christ and The Reformed Forum have decided to do a John Owen Giveaway. There will be two books to win and two chances to win them. The first book we have decided to give away is a 1810 edition of John Owen’s Pneumatologia: or a Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit. This book was […]

A Brief History of Trinitarian Thought

Carl Trueman discusses the history of Trinitarian theology and the theology of John Owen.