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December John Owen Giveaway

Feeding on Christ and The Reformed Forum have decided to do a John Owen Giveaway. There will be two books to win and two chances to win them. The first book we have decided to give away is a 1810 edition of John Owen’s Pneumatologia: or a Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit. This book was published in Philadelphia, printed by and for William W. Woodward. It is a slightly abridged edition by George Burder. It is the first American, from the Second London Edition. The second book is Carl Trueman’s John Owen: Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man published by Ashgate Publishing Co.

The rules are simple. Just add the Feeding on Christ feed and/or the Reformed Forum feed to your blogroll, RSS reader, iTunes or any other way you keep track of your regularly read blogs and listen to podcasts. After you subscribe, email us at giveaway@reformedforum.org and let us know which feed(s) you have subscribed to. In addition, let us know what state and/or country in which you currently reside. You will receive one entry for each feed you subscribed to up to two per person.

The drawing will be on December 10th so enter soon.


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