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The Pentecostal Movement from 30,000 Feet

The Pentecostal Movement had two main roots: a Wesleyan and a non-Wesleyan root.  In the Wesleyan tradition, Phoebe Palmer represents the movement well.  She picked up on the doctrine of … Read more→


N.T. Wright’s Doctrine of Justification, Part 1

Guy Prentiss Waters on the theology of NT Wright.

Handling Bibliographies with Zotero

I’m a huge fan of Zotero since it’s an extremely useful tool for managing bibliographies and making research more efficient.  I use the tool to handle all the bibliographies for … Read more→

Is There a Priority of the Forensic in Historia Salutis?

Richard B. Gaffin, Jr. discusses the relationship of the forensic to the other elements of the work of Christ in accomplishing redemption for his people. This is an excerpt … Read more→

Sanctification and the Gospel

Sanctification and the Gospel

Gaffin on the nature of the gospel and the relation of the benefits of redemption to union with Christ.



Cornelis Venema discusses the issues surrounding paedocommunion.

Concise Reformed Dogmatics

Today James reviews Concise Reformed Dogmatics by Van Genderen and Velema.  In addition the panel mentions several new books.

Eschatology of Adoption

The Eschatology of Adoption

Dave Garner speaks about becoming children of God.