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Willis G. Craig, Nevin, 3-21-14

W. G. Craig, 1834-1911

Willis Green Craig was born on September 24, 1834, on his father’s estate named Waveland near Danville, Kentucky. The infant was named for his mother’s father, Willis Green, who moved … Read more→

John Witherspoon Statue, Princeton University Campus, 6-2005, 8-31-13

John Witherspoon, 1723-1794

In a historical tour of Princeton, New Jersey, Nassau Hall, on the university campus, is on the must-see list.  It is a grand but simple building, surrounded by trees, and … Read more→

Joseph Volney Wilson, d1918, Lafayette Escadrille, 2-26-14

Lt. J. V. Wilson, 1895-1918

This year marks the centennial of the beginning of the First World War, so I thought it would be interesting to write about a Presbyterian chaplain who served in the … Read more→


Thomas Smyth (1808–1873)

Thomas Smyth was born June 14, 1808 in Belfast, Ireland, the sixth son of Samuel and Ann Magee Smith. Thomas’s father was a grocer and an elder in the local … Read more→

union with christ dg

Being Reformed, and Staying Christian in Seminary

Today’s panel recently attended the 2014 Desiring God Pastors’ Conference titled, “The Pastor, the Vine, and the Branches: The Remarkable Reality of Union with Christ,” as representatives for Reformed Forum … Read more→

Westminster Assembly

On the “Who is Reformed?” Question: Choosing a “What” Over a “Who”

With the growth of Reformed ideas comes a jockeying to define what “Reformed” is and is not; or more frequently, who is and who is not. One hot topic has been … Read more→

LeRoy Gresham, Date Unknown

LeRoy Gresham, 1871-1955

In nineteenth-century Macon, Georgia, one of the most respected citizens was John Jones Gresham (1812-1891). He was at various points in his life an attorney, a judge, the mayor of … Read more→

J. W. Alexander, Snippet of Portrait in The Alexander Memorial, 1879, 9-25-13

J. W. Alexander, 1804-1859

James Waddell Alexander was born to Archibald and Janetta Waddell Alexander in Louisa County, Virginia, on March 13, 1804. The infant had been named for Janetta’s father, James Waddell, D.D., … Read more→


J. Oliver Buswell and Cornelius Van Til

David Owen Filson speaks about Dr. J. Oliver Buswell, theologian and former president of Wheaton College and Covenant College and Seminary. A fundamentalist involved with J. Gresham Machen in the … Read more→


Henry A. Boardman, 1808-1880

Henry Augustus was born to John and Clarinda (Starbuck) Boardman in the city of Troy on the Hudson River in New York, January 9, 1808. John was a merchant in … Read more→