Van Til and Barth

The group continues their discussion of Cornelius Van Til by examining Van Til’s critique of the theology of Karl Barth. Van Til’s two books The New Modernism and Christianity and Barthianism were extremely influential in developing an understanding of Barth among English-speaking theologians. The discussion brings the critique to the foreground particularly in the light of Barthianism’s dominance in the current evangelical landscape.


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  1. Chris

    Do any of you have copies (audio or hard copy) of Bruce McCormack acknowledging that Van Til read Barth correctly?

    I’m currently involved in a small reading group with a Barthian who brought T.F. Torrance’s essay “Theological Persuasion” from the book “God & Rationality” for us to read today. It is good for me because I have never been forced to interact with Barth or his intellectual children. But understanding neo-orthdoxy/crisis theology well enough to interact responsibly with it is difficult. Any help you could offer would be much appreciated. I’m trying to read Van Til’s two books on Barth, but it is slow going.


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  3. Todd

    I know this is audio on Van Til, but if you are going to highlight Van Til’s disagreement with Barth, it would be helpful if you actually engaged within the debate. How is Barth’s theology so hostile to Reformed thought? What are the implications of this disagreement?

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