Lane Keister

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Christless Christianity

Michael Horton talks about the church and culture.


The Unfolding of Biblical Eschatology

Keith Mathison and R. Fowler White discuss biblical eschatology.



Cornelis Venema discusses the issues surrounding paedocommunion.

Herman Bavinck

Rev. Dr. Ron Gleason, pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church (PCA) of Yorba Linda, CA converses with the Christ the Center panel about the forthcoming volume Reforming and Conforming? and his … Read more→

The Calvin Quincentenary

July 10, 2009 marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin.  In honor of this great theologian, the Calvin 500 Project has produced a blog, two books (A … Read more→


Reformed Church Growth

In this episode we speak with Drew Dinardo, Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church Coral Springs-Margate, FL about the challenges of planting and growing reformed churches.

Reforming or Conforming?

Gary Johnson joins us to talk about the forthcoming book Reforming or Conforming?: Post-Conservative Evangelicals and the Emerging Church which he co-edited with Ron Gleason.

Gary Johnson
Lane Keister
Jeff Waddington
James Dolezal
Camden Bucey


Against … Read more→


The Federal Vision

Lane Keister joins us to discuss the Federal Vision, an expression of theology within Reformed circles offering alternative views of the Bible’s covenantal structure, ecclesiology and the sacraments. Lane … Read more→