Old Princeton and Right Reason

1 hour 11 minutes

Dr. Paul Kjoss Helseth, Professor of Christian Thought at Northwestern College in St. Paul, Minnesota, joins the panel at Christ the Center to speak about Old Princeton and right reason. Many in the Reformed tradition have criticized Old Princeton theologians such as Charles Hodge and B. B. Warfield for explicating a view of human reason that is not in accord with traditional Reformed doctrines, such as a Reformed understanding of the noetic effects of sin. Dr. Helseth seeks to remedy this common assessment by situating Old Princeton’s treatment of human reason within their doctrine of regeneration.

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  1. David Ingold says:

    “Knowing rightly is not just knowing about. It is not just knowing a true proposition, its knowing it and seeing it more or less for what it is. So if you know Christ, but don’t love Christ, you don’t know him rightly.” -Helseth
    “If anything is to be true, if we are to know it [truly], it is to be known in relationship, or as Dr. Oliphant would say, “in covenant” with the ultimate knower.” -Camden Bucey

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