I Believe in Monsters: God, Horrendous Evils, and the Christian Faith

God and evil. Christ and horror. The atonement and suffering. Are there more difficult, pressing, agonizing questions than these? What does the Christian say in the face of horrendous evils? Should he say anything at all, or is the skeptic the only one who can speak honestly about the painful dissonances of the world as we know and experience it? In this special lecture delivered in 2011 to an audience at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, Dr. Mark A. Garcia invites us into reflections on the relationship between the Christian faith and the fact of horrendous evils, reflections prompted by Bart Ehrman’s 2008 book, God’s Problem: How the Bible Fails to Answer our Most Important Question—Why We Suffer. This lecture is provided free of charge as a service of the partnership of Wince & Sing Media with Reformed Forum.



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  1. Mark G

    Thank you for posting this lecture. It shows real depth of spiritual insight into what Christ has done on our behalf, what it means that Christ sympathizes with us because he suffered and was tempted as we are, and the intercession & help of Christ on our behalf because he knows our situation. It is interesting how he related understanding the nature of suffering to that of the atonement. It also shows where we can easlity go wrong in our thinking about suffering and in encouraging others who are in pain. This is worthy of much reflection.

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