The Westminster Theological Journal, Fall 2012

In this episode Camden Bucey and Jim Cassidy discuss the Fall 2012 issue of the Westminster Theological Journal. Of special interest is the article by Jim Scott on Machen and Edwin Rian’s book, The Presbyterian Conflict. Nathan Shannon’s piece on Van Til’s understanding of evidences in the apologetic task and Vern Poythress’ review of Kevin Vanhoozer’s book Remythologizing Theology are also highlighted.


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  1. David Morgan

    Did you remember the title of the book that you discussed but couldn’t recall the title/author? I thought you were referring to Philip S Ross – From the Finger of God until you said that it was a Dutch name…

  2. patrick

    There has been a lot written on Van Til and evidence. Just briefly, what does Nate’s piece add to the discussion? Maybe you could get him back on and have a show about the paper?

  3. Gents,

    Thanks so much for the encouraging review! Patrick, my goal was to reproduce CVT’s philosophy of fact specifically in terms of the organic connection he sees from the simplest idea of factuality all the way back to the Triune God and the doctrine of creation. I think if the triune theological foundation of CVT’s approach to facts is made clear, his claim that only Christian facts are possible presents itself; and that claim is the foundation of his transcendental argument. I lay out Locke’s evidentialism as a comparison, first, because it sounds, at least initially, so plausible, but also because it is such a perfect test case for CVT”s critiques of evidentialism and thus such a perfect foil to CVT’s approach to facts and evidence.

    Camden asked me more than once to come on the program to talk about CVT and evidence, and I kept standing him up. Maybe I’ll be banned from Reformed Forum or suspended indefinitely…

    Thanks again

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