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Insider Movements

We welcome David Garner and Phil DeHart to speak about Insider Movements, which are increasingly popular approaches to missions predicated on controversial theological and hermeneutic foundations. Insider Movements have gained particular influence in mission fields and religio-sociological contexts that are particularly hostile to Christianity.

Dr. Garner is Associate Professor of Systematic Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary at Pastor of Teaching at Proclamation Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Bryn Mawr, PA. Dr. Garner has written “High Stakes: Insider Movement Hermeneutics and the Gospel,” an excellent essay on the subject. Phil DeHart has worked in the missions field in Asia and is currently a student at Westminster Theological Seminary.

Dr. Garner has also coordinated with the producers of the film Half Devil, Half Child, a documentary on Insider Movements, to offer a special discount to Reformed Forum listeners. Just visit halfdevilhalfchild.com to purchase the digital download, and use the code “reform” to receive 25% off the download price of the film.

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