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Children at the Lord’s Table?

Some reformed church members may find it difficult to know whether they should allow their children to partake of the Lord’s supper. Reformed churches vary on this important doctrinal issue. Christ the Center welcomed Dr. Cornelis Venema to discuss the issue of paedocommunion, or admitting non-communicant members to the Lord’s supper. Dr. Venema has written a […]

Iguanaman? Try Insurance Salesman

Rodney Trotter may have his facts a little out of place on this post.  This elaborate getup was part of a Vacation Bible School lesson involving the temptation of Christ in the wilderness.  Each lesson for the week was taught by an “eyewitness” who would relay a bible story and teach the children its meaning […]

Ligonier Children’s Book Gift Set

For a limited time, Westminster Books is selling a gift set of three children’s books from Ligonier Ministries.  The set includes The Prince’s Poison Cup, The Lightlings, and Sammy and His Shepherd: Show Me Jesus in Psalm 23.

The Prince’s Poison Cup

R. C. Sproul’s latest children’s book is available.

OPC Summer Camps and Conferences

Several OPC churches and presbyteries sponsor summer camps and conferences.  The Committee on Christian Education has posted information for several of these events planned for the summer of 2009.

The Trinity Hymnal Online

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church has provided a very helpful resource by including the Trinity Hymnal on its website.  This is much more than a help for pastors who are putting together an order for worship.  The online hymnal is tremendously useful for families who would like to sing through the hymnal, but may not have […]

Family Devotions

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church is currently featuring an article by Brad Winsted on The Lost Art and Practice of Family Devotions.

The Importance of Catechesis

Several years before arriving at reformed convictions, I thought catechetical instruction was some peculiar phenomenon that only Roman Catholics and Lutherans did.  It seemed to me like a strange pseudo-brainwashing activity that was a holdover from years past.  But after becoming reformed I started to see the absolute importance of catechetical instruction.  It became evident […]


Calvin as a Servant of the Word of God

Glen Clary explains Calvin's theology of preaching.


A Comparison of Rahnerian to Reformed Apologetics

The theology of the influential Roman Catholic Karl Rahner compared with a reformed apologetic.