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The Orthodox Presbyterian Church has provided a very helpful resource by including the Trinity Hymnal on its website. This is much more than a help for pastors who are putting together an order for worship. The online hymnal is tremendously useful for families who would like to sing through the hymnal, but may not have anyone who can read music and/or play the piano. The reason being is that along with a searchable index of lyrics comes the ability to listen to the hymns. After getting a feel for the hymn the family could then either sing a cappella or sing right along with the computer-generated accompaniment. Now we only need to ask if computer accompaniment is inside or outside the bounds of the regulative principle!

John D. Chitty

10 years ago

I’d like to know when a resource such as this will be made available for the red hymnal. There used to be such a website by some individual, but it was apparently requested to be removed by the publishers. This, after I’d gotten very attached to it. Please, Trinity Hymnal publishers, do the same for the red one, too! We don’t all own the original, nor do we desire to obtain a copy.

Enrique Duran, Jr.

4 years ago

John, the Red Trinity Hymnal is available online here http://www.hymnary.org/hymnal/TH1990


6 years ago

Hello, I didn’t know if you were aware of this but they offer a Trinity hymnal app for IPads or IPhones. It doesn’t have every hymn but still a great resource. You ca get the Presbyterian or Baptist version. It’s called T Hymnal. In Christ, Cheri

Shari McFee

2 years ago

Dear friend in the Lord Jesus,
Can I get the Trinity Hymnal on my iPhone or iPad..or Mac as you describe it on your page? I love the dear old hymns, & would consider the ability to see the words & hear the tune a sweet gift of the Lord…..so I can sing along. I am a great granny with no real church nearby,… John Macaurthr is our source of spiritual growth for now. Husband recovering from serious cancer surgery…so home bound for now.
Thank you for whatever help you can & are willing to share! God bless you specially!
Shari McFee (Granny)


2 years ago

Where can I get one? My first church as a believer was Providence Presbyterian, they used it, it was lovely. Moved away, no OPC in sight. Haven’t been within distance of OPC in 25 years and miss it terribly. This contemporary stuff just does not get it for me at all. 🙁 Though the people are wonderful.


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