Children at the Lord’s Table?

Some reformed church members may find it difficult to know whether they should allow their children to partake of the Lord’s supper. Reformed churches vary on this important doctrinal issue. Christ the Center welcomed Dr. Cornelis Venema to discuss the issue of paedocommunion, or admitting non-communicant members to the Lord’s supper. Dr. Venema has written a book on the subject entitled Children at the Lord’s Table: Assessing the Case for Paedocommunion.

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Luke Welch

10 years ago

I know you probably didn’t mean to imply this, but to be clear, paedocommunionists do not believe that non-communicant members should be communicated. Their children are faithfilled covenant members and are therefore communicant.The explanation given here would be like a baptist saying that paedobaptism is the practice of admitting non-covenant members to baptism. Presbyterians believe the children ARE covenant members and would be upset to hear that someone thought they were letting non-christians be baptized.



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