Redeeming Philosophy

Dr. Vern Poythress comes to the program today to speak about his book, Redeeming Philosophy. In today’s discussion, Dr. Poythress helps us examine the roots of Western philosophy, uncover some of its limitations, and find answers to our questions in dependence upon God’s word.

Dr. Poythress is the author of a number of books, including Redeeming Science, In the Beginning Was the Word, Redeeming Sociologyand Logic. He has also spoken on Christ the Center episodes 52, 98, 188235, 332, and 356, and on Philosophy for Theologians episode 20.


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  1. Poythress’ superficial engagement with “cosmononic” * philosophy makes one wonder why he bothered mentioning it at all. He seemed to have read a few things in the early 70’s… but all of his questions and criticisms have received fuller treatment (in English!) since.

    I suspect a little more effort in familiarizing himself with the literature would likely result in even greater appreciation.
    *He doesn’t even seem aware that the philosophy’s better-known and standard-used name is “Reformational,” not “cosmonomic.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reformational_philosophy

    1. It should also be mentioned that a (now deceased) member of the Westminster Theological Seminary faculty was an adherent of Reformational (“cosmonomic”) philosophy, C.VanTil’s successor, Bob Knudsen: http://www.allofliferedeemed.co.uk/knudsen.htm

      Knudsen’s introduction to Calvinistic Philosophy and to Dooyeweerd are available on the Westminster Theological Seminary website: http://www.wts.edu/resources/media.html?paramType=search&keywords=&speaker=111&ScrBook=&ScrChap=&ScrVerse=&ScrVerseEnd=&year=&srch=search

      Poythress failure to mention Knudsen is an odd oversight.

      1. Baus,

        I’m not a Dooyeweerdian, but I appreciate the writings of that crowd. (Dr. Roy Clouser’s book “The Myth of Religious Neutrality” for example, has been incredibly helpful to me).

        A few years ago, I noticed Knudsen’s audio material was available for purchase from the Westminster Seminary bookstore. It was pricey though, so I kept putting it off and putting it off. After reading your comment just now, I went back and checked; I can’t seem to find it for sale anymore.

        Do you know where his audio series on Dooyeweerd might be available?

  2. mike

    I’m not following the point about not knowing what a cat is when all the particular cats are eliminated. If we say that a cat is a mammal with four legs, whiskers, goes meow, etc.. that still means something even if no more cats still existed. How would eliminating all the cats in the world eliminate the meaningfullness of catness?

    1. I know this might not scratch where you’re itching Jeff, but Rushdoony wrote a book on the Biblical Philosophy of History. It’s good from a Van Tillian approach, but expect heavy Postmillennialism.

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