A Brief History of Trinitarian Thought

Christ the Center welcomes Dr. Carl Trueman, vice president for academic affairs and professor of historical theology at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia and author of several books including The Claims for Truth: The Trinitarian Theology of John Owen, John Owen: Reformed Catholic and Renaissance Man, Luther’s Legacy, Protestant Scholasticism, The Wages of Spin, and Minority Report, for a discussion of the history of Trinitarian theology and the theology of John Owen. Among the many aspects of Trinitarian theology discussed were the Nicene Creed and the Chalcedonian formula. Particular individuals who come in for comment, in addition to John Owen, include the Cappadocian Fathers (Gregory of Nyssa, Gregory Nazianzus, and Basil the Great), Athanasius, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Jonathan Edwards, Karl Barth, and Cornelius Van Til.

Trueman specifically highlights the contribution of Owen to Trinitarian theology and practice with his emphasis on the believer’s communion with each person of the Godhead and Owen’s understanding of the Holy Spirit as the bond of communion and communication between the divine and human natures of the one person of Jesus Christ. Listeners will go away from this episode with a renewed appreciation for the importance of understanding the God of Scripture as Triune.


  • Carl Trueman
  • Nick Batzig
  • Jeff Waddington
  • Camden Bucey


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  1. Jeff,

    Lane Tipton was scheduled to join us but got really sick that day and couldn’t make it. That’s why Trueman threw out his “challenge.” We’ll schedule him at some point.

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  5. Enjoyed the session with Dr. Trueman. Enjoyed the brotherly banter and all.

    Dr. Trueman referenced a quote by Richard Baxter that one should not enter the pulpit without saying at least one unintelligible thing to the congregation (very roughly paraphrased).

    Does anyone know the source of that quote? Would appreciate the help.


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