New Testament Theology

Christ the Center was pleased to welcome Dr. Thomas R. Schreiner to discuss New Testament Theology: Magnifying God in Christ. Dr. Schreiner’s book has been warmly welcomed by many respected scholars in the reformed community and listeners will understand why when they hear Dr. Schreiner detail his project.


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  2. Tim H.

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for this great episode. I found it really helpful.

    I’d like to hear some more engagement with Dr. Schreiner’s view of James and final justification. It seems like his view is quite similar to the final justification Wright espouses. In my own study, I’ve made the most sense of James’ view of justification with the understanding Nick mentioned: James speaks of justification before man.

    Is saying we’re finally justified by our works that come about through faith that is in-turn a gift of God an orthodox statement? It would seem to me that wouldn’t always be regarded that way. I’d love to hear some other thoughts.

  3. Tim,
    There is a significant difference between Wright’s “future” justification and Schreiner’s eschatological justification. Schreiner’s, along with the reformer’s, understanding it as a “once and for all” justification that we possess now, but await its full realization. Its part of his already/not yet scheme that he talks about throughout the show. We have the first fruits from our “already” right standing before God because we have the righteousness of Christ and his Spirit, but we await the full realization of all of God’s saving promises. Wright would describe justification very differently.

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