Paul’s Two-Age Construction and Apologetics

Bill Dennison returns to Christ the Center to bring the fire about the eschatological structure of Paul’s thought and its relation to apologetics. Dr. Dennison has written a wonderful book title Paul’s Two-Age Construction and Apologetics which was originally his ThM thesis at Westminster Theological Seminary. This is a fantastic discussion regarding the interconnectedness of the theological encyclopedia.

Dr. Dennison is Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, GA as well as Visiting Professor of Apologetics and Systematic Theology at Northwest Theological Seminary. In addition to the book which is the topic of discussion today, Bill has authored The Young Bultmann: Context for His Understanding of God, 1884–1925 and A Christian Approach to Interdisciplinary Studies: In Search of a Method and Starting Point.



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  2. Patrick

    OK, we want to keep reforming Van Til to conformity with Scripture, continually weeding out the secular—that’s good. But how do we do this while still interacting with secular thought, and weeding out what is true and good in secular thought (be in philosophy, the sciences, arts, etc.) for the purposes of a Christian worldview? That seems like that’s the big(ger) issue, and it seems like the default mode since Van Til (with exceptions, like Oliphint IMO) has been to ignore or oversimplify secular thought altogether rather than carefully critiquing and pruning it. More on Van Til!

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