Bill Dennison

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Transformationalism and Christian Higher Education

Dr. William Dennison discusses transformational eschatology and Christian higher education.

University of Marburg

Machen and Bultmann at Marburg

Bill Dennison examines the possibility of a personal acquaintance between Machen and Bultmann.


Christ and Culture, Round 3: Bill Dennison

Bill Dennison's final remarks on Christ and culture.


Dennison’s Response

William Dennison responds to the other first round comments.


Common Grace, Natural Law and Eschatology

A discussion of driving theological concerns behind approaches to culture.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts

Vocation, Education and Fine Arts

The Christ and culture discussion continues with Dennison, Hart, Kloosterman and Wilson.


Christ and Culture: Politics

The debate on approaches to culture continues with a look at politics.

ctc-christ_and_culture - hatched

Christ and Culture: Introductory Remarks

What is culture and what does it mean for the church?


Paul’s Two-Age Construction and Apologetics

Bill Dennison on Paul's two-age scheme and what it means for apologetics.


The Young Bultmann

William Dennison on Bultmann, one of the most influential New Testament scholars of the western world.