Seeing Jesus in Old Testament History

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This week, Nancy Guthrie speaks about seeing Jesus in the historical books of the Old Testament. Her book The Son of David, third in her series Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament, explains how each part of the story of Old Testament history – the leader Joshua, the judges of Israel, the redeemer Boaz, and Israel’s many kings – reveals and signifies the Christ who was to come.

Nancy Guthrie’s website is Nancy has spoken on Christ the Center about the first two books in this series, The Promised One: Seeing Jesus in Genesis, and The Wisdom of God: Seeing Jesus in the Psalms and Wisdom Books.

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  1. John Holmes says:

    Esther did sacrifice, royalty for sacrifice, she risked offending the King, so to say nothing in her was covenant fidelity was there , did not follow exegesis. Yes, it’s true we have to be in Christ, but once in Christ, does not the same heroism of Esther become ours also? Another way of saying this is Romans 4 leads us to resurrection life in Christ and victory, Romans 6! Tremor Longman talks about not either Christ or example but both an. Your group seems to want one not both. Hebrews 11 celebrates the faith exploits, actions it does not minimimalize them to work in reformed dogmatics. By faith conquered kingdoms, put foreign armies, etc. Grace does not erase faith in Hebrews. It seems also Philipians 2, Christ models an example not just substitionary atonement. David, is mentioned for his faith, Hebrews 11 so I agree with he Christological priority but I do not think that means the image of God is erased from Kingdom process and example, character, heroics, etc. David rushed, threw a rock, that is the historical facts, so he was not in passivity and calling that grace. Something Dallas Willard called the great misconception of our time. Not saying you did that but seems to be better to follow Tremper both and.

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